About The Agency

MOSUN Digital is a digital solutions agency made up of a team of young, creative and talented professionals located in one of the GREATEST cities in the world... Vancouver, Canada.


We were founded in 2001... by MISTAKE.


We found our niche in the market a few years later developing full flash interactive websites... by CHANCE.


A decade later, we have grown into a full service interactive agency... with GREAT INTENT & PURPOSE.

Why MOSUN Digital?

Why MOSUN Digital? Well, it's very simple.


Since we're a smaller agency, we put that extra 'UMPH' into every project we work on... regardless of budget.


Not only is our name on the line, we WANT and NEED our work to stand out from the rest of the thousands of competitors in the crowded digital world.

Our Clients

We have worked with MANY businesses... big to small, low budget to big budget... in many different genres of the marketplace.


Our many clients range from your local independent MUSIC INDUSTRY artists & labels.. to the big dogs at the RADIO STATIONS. From TECHNOLOGY firms and CAR DEALERSHIPS... to REAL ESTATE companies and BUILDING DEVELOPERS. From FAST FOOD chains and MAKE-UP STUDIOS to butt-kicking MMA fighters! And the list goes on...


Give us a SHOUT and find out why we are some of Vancouver's ELITE young minds ready to change the DIGITAL world.

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