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Jun 12


The First Annual WestCoast BMX Show & Swap

Here at MOSUN, when we’re not busy branding or creating logo’s for important clients, or doing graphic work, or just being good old (young actually) Vancouver web designers… we’re out having fun.  Yes, we do have a fun side!

We find ourselves to be collector’s (of many things) and one hobby we recently stumbled into is vintage BMX restoring and collecting.  Our BMX builds range from many different bicycle manufacturer’s from Diamondback to Haro to SE Racing, but we mainly specialize in Kuwahara.  And vintage is the keyword here.  Only 1977 to 1984 builds with the odd exception of a 1985 or a 1986 BMX.  Ahhh yes, when quality BMX’s and BMX parts were actually built in Japan with quality craftsmanship.  The golden years of BMX racing.

So, this year, we decided to contribute to the BMX community by throwing The First Annual West Coast BMX Show Swap in Port Coquitlam, just outside of Vancouver, BC which takes place on Saturday, August 18th, 2012.  This BMX Show Swap is part of Pop Culture “Celebrating Youth Positive Art” yearly event presented by POP! Skateboarding and sponsored by the City of Port Coquitlam Parks and Recreation. The show will be displaying none other than the best in vintage, old school and new school BMX’s and Cruisers from all over the province and perhaps, a few from just below the border.  If you’re just a fan of bicycles and mainly BMX’s, then you’ll love the show builds that will be on display as well as the Freestyle demo.  If you’re a collector, rider, or racer yourself, then you may pickup a few exclusive and rare BMX parts while at the show why not look here.

Some other highlights of the day will be a Skate Jam with prizes from skate sponsors in the Railside Skate Park bowl, live music performances by local artists (to be announced), and the area’s top 3 artists creating masterpieces on canvas. Giveaways will also be thrown out to the crowd by host X Caliber of one of Vancouver’s elite hip hop groups, The Camp.

The First Annual West Coast BMX Show Swap takes place at Railside Skate Park in Port Coquitlam (PoCo) right next to Lions Park on Sunday, August 18th, 2012.  Show starts at 12:00 pm noon, and goes until 6:00 pm.

Participants can register here at: register@westcoastbmxshow.com  and for more information, visit the official bmx website at WestCoastBMXShow.com.

Expect to see MOSUN there with a few of our classic BMX show builds.

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Jun 11

Japanada Brand by MOSUN

Japanada Organazation, Vancouver to Tokyo, Uniting Japan & Canada

Japanada is an organization and society of Half Breeds (or half Japanese people) and represents the concept and lifestyle of the Unification between Japan and Canada as well as Vancouver and Tokyo sertraline anxiety. It is also the connection between the two cultures that exist with the people who live, visit, and consider both countries their ‘home’.  Japanada is also open to all walks of life.

Designed exclusively by MOSUN, The Japanada Brand’s main focus is on clothing from t-shirts to sweatshirts and to gloves and hats, where the Japanada Brand will be a name that the world will know and Japanadians will call their own.

To join the Japanada Society, simply register an account or email Japanada for more information on becoming a part of the Japanada Team as they are always looking for outgoing individuals to help in the awareness and growth of our society.

Visit the MOSUN branded & designed website, JapanadaBrand.com.

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Jun 11

Empire CD – CD Duplication in Vancouver

Vancouver CD Duplication & Replication, Empire CD

Empire CD Duplication and Replication at VancouverCDs more information.com provides the quickest turnaround on full service short-run CD duplication. They also offer factory-direct full service CD manufacturing & replication services in Vancouver, British Columbia.

They have been dealing with independent artists and labels since 2005, helping to provide them with the quality service and products they have been missing.

What makes Empire CD different from the big corporate companies is that they’re also an independent record label and have been working in the independent music industry for over a decade.

Empire CD has constantly seen independent artists and labels sacrifice quality because of lack of funds or mostly because of lack of resources. So for years now, they’ve helped provide professional looking graphic design to professional packaging that their clients have been missing.  Of these clients are well known and established artists and companies such as 4 Real & K’Naan, DJ Wax (Fusion DJ Ent), Donnelly Pub Group, E.D.G.E., DY, Emotionz (Fresh Coast), Heatwave, Indelible, Kanabliss, Killa Kela, Jahfus, Lamar Ashe, Matt The Alien, Noble, Rachel Sehl, Red 1 of The Rascalz, Spectrum Entertainment, Stylust Beats, The Camp & Camp Army, The GM Series & DJ Kay Slay, The Lamplighter Club, The Hastings Set, Tee Locasone, T.I.T.A.N.S., and Vic Vodka among many others.

Empire CD is the solution to all your needs!

Visit Empire CD at VancouverCDs.com

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