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Jun 11

Japanada Brand by MOSUN

Japanada Organazation, Vancouver to Tokyo, Uniting Japan & Canada

Japanada is an organization and society of Half Breeds (or half Japanese people) and represents the concept and lifestyle of the Unification between Japan and Canada as well as Vancouver and Tokyo sertraline anxiety. It is also the connection between the two cultures that exist with the people who live, visit, and consider both countries their ‘home’.  Japanada is also open to all walks of life.

Designed exclusively by MOSUN, The Japanada Brand’s main focus is on clothing from t-shirts to sweatshirts and to gloves and hats, where the Japanada Brand will be a name that the world will know and Japanadians will call their own.

To join the Japanada Society, simply register an account or email Japanada for more information on becoming a part of the Japanada Team as they are always looking for outgoing individuals to help in the awareness and growth of our society.

Visit the MOSUN branded & designed website, JapanadaBrand.com.

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